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the fill: may

it's officially may, and that means a few things: first and foremost, the opportunity to post the 'it's gonna be may' meme. don't pretend you're above it. secondly, it means thanking your mom for not putting you up for adoption during your angsty teenage years.

but really, we often wonder how moms do it all...and speaking of moms who do it all...we're excited to introduce this month's female founder feature rebecca minkoff, founder of rebecca minkoff + the female founder collective....and mama of 3. 

behind the scenes with the woman, the myth, the legend: elisabeth leonard: there's a lot that happens behind the scenes of the female founder collective, so we're taking you #bts with the one who makes it all happen.

our 'by mamas, for mamas' gift guide is the perfect way to say thank you to the woman who's given you everything (*tear*).

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