#bts with blankbox: a glimpse into the first six months

blankbox is officially six months old (!!!!!!) it’s crazy to think that exactly six months and ten days ago, we decided to stop talking about blankbox to each other, anyone who would listen, and ourselves in the mirror and just DO IT. *patiently awaiting nike sponsor*

we get asked all the time “how is blankbox going?!” and according to our instagram insights people actually like to hear from us… so here goes. we’ve decided to honor this glorious anniversary by recapping the good and the not so good of our first six months in business. it’s important to know that behind the instagram highlight reel, revenue goals and exciting things we share with all of you, there is an equal amount of blood (if you’ve ever wrestled with an industrial tape dispenser, you know), sweat (have you ever carried 5 boxes at once to the post office….times 5 trips?) and tears (usually fueled by sleep deprivation). but seeing you guys use and love blankbox makes every second worth it. 

the good.

first things first, we actually did the damn thing. the first week of launching a business is basically a drug-less high. we took the week off from our day jobs and split our time between packing boxes + sprinting back and forth to the post office, and responding to the outpouring of texts, calls, emails, and carrier pigeons from people we love. 


we joined the female founder collective, brainchild of rebecca minkoff & elisabeth leonard, which has introduced us to so many female founders-turned-friends + impactful contacts. special shout out to our amazing photographer diana davis (@dianadaviscreative), who manages to take the only pictures of us we can both agree on, and cate luzio, the inspirational founder of luminary, which also happens to be our new home away from home (side hustle membership for the win). 


we launched the fill as part of our brand’s mission to fill people’s brains with meaningful content the same way our customers fill their boxes with meaningful gifts. we’ve been victims of the inbox overload and wanted to give people real stories, fun and inspiring features, and on brand product recommendations of things we actually use and love. naturally, we decided to bump the launch up a month…two days before sending it out….#entrepreneurlife.  


we were featured on somethingnavy as part of brand director tara foley’s wedding day seen here, and played a part in many other weddings for bridesmaid proposals, wedding welcomes, gifts to the parents, and more. second best feeling to the first week of launch is seeing blankboxes as part of our customers’ special days and meaningful moments – it’s surreal. we’re not crying, you are


we participated in the formerly’s money talk series, a newly launched and female-founded personal finance platform, where we shared what it’s like to launch a business and how we ‘try’ to keep our personal spending habits in check while bootstrapping blankbox. read here! 


we were interviewed by swaay media, talking about bringing this new concept to market, starting a business with your best friend, and our advice to new(er) founders! we’ve recently started focusing on press coverage to grow our business: the highs of this are hearing the reaction to the blankbox concept (and designs!), talking to influential people who actually care about what we have to say (what?!), and waiting excitedly for the articles to come out (stay tuned for more where that came from!) the lows of this….see the not so good. but before you read on, check out the piece here


we‘ve learned skills we hadn’t touched with a ten-foot pole in our finance careers: product development, production and quality control, social media, website building, digital marketing, and what customer acquisition channels work and don’t work for us. we’ve also learned that everyone we talk to knows something we don’t, and that a lot of these things we mention above can be learned simply by asking people around us.  


if this was instagram, we’d just end there. but this is REAL LIFE, PEOPLE!  

post office photo

the not so good.

we pop’d up in three locations over the holidays: our thought was by popping up alongside gift-able companies, people would naturally gravitate towards chic, convenient packaging. while sales were less than inspiring – we’re learned an incredibly valuable lesson… people who attend pop-ups want to touch and feel your product, so displaying your boxes like they’re the newest exhibit at the MET is a not-so-good idea. our tower of boxes seemed to deter customers from picking up a blankbox and learning more about the product. 

we realized can’t afford a PR team or like, 1/10th of a PR team, which was pretty discouraging since this is an area of entrepreneurship we need the most help with. cue hours of cold emailing pitches to dozens of editors & publications, with a response rate lower than the legal alcohol limit.  

we had our first post-office mishap where a customer never received her box (eeeek!) we knew it would happen at some point, but we still felt personally victimized by the USPS. 

there’s no leaving work at the door: with your own startup, there are no days off or clocking out at 5pm. the perks of this are that the business is basically your child and you don’t necessarily want to leave it at the door; the cons, you will have dreams about boxes. a lot of them. on a more serious note, it can be exhausting to continuously create the mental space for it and continuously feel the pressure of ‘I can always be doing more’. cue a lot of pep talks to ourselves and scheduling time to step back and have “me” time with the same importance we would assign anything else on our calendar.