the 'pop of color' gift box

whether you’re celebrating easter or a far more devout holiday like national pretzel day (or if you’re catherine, winston churchill day), gift baskets are out + gift boxes are in! speaking of in, the arrival of spring means color is making a comeback for everything but gabi’s wardrobe, so we’re giving you the pop of color life essentials to #fillintheblankbox that you didn’t know you needed…until now.

modern picnic luncher - blankbox gift guide the fill

'the luncher' by modern picnic ($149.00)

if bringing lunch to work more often isn't a 2019 goal of yours...did you even new years resolution, bro? if you're like us, you've been wanting to do this since your first day in the real world, but this vegan leather, insulated lunchbox that doubles as a chic bag actually makes us want to.

larq bottle - blankbox gift guide the fill

'the self-cleaning water bottle' by larq ($95.00)

are you a 27 year old young professional who nicknames her water bottle? okay good, us too! "larquie" cleans itself with a built in uv-c light system that kills bacteria with the push of a button. best part? add someone's name (or your own) with their personalization option!

byrobinblair - blankbox gift guide the fill

'the candy dish' by robyn blair ($245.00)

guilt free candy? we are here for that. pick your favorite treat, and robyn will turn it into the sweetest candy dish [pun 100% intended]. this art-meets-function piece is the perfect coffee table centerpiece or just something to stare at longingly as you forcibly swallow your kale.

fatty sundays - blankbox gift guide the fill

'the pretzel library' by fatty sundays ($31.95)

cracking open a new book is great, but have you ever cracked open a box of your favorite flavor + colorful sprinkles? if not, april 26th is national pretzel day...and we all know someone who celebrates every single made up national food holiday.

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the pop of color life essentials for blankbox ss19 #fillintheblankbox