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satc summer essentials gift guide

the SATC 'summer essentials' gift box

summer months are perfect for getting sweaty [if you take the subway, you’re already sweaty anyways so might as well keep it going, right?! here are the summer essentials you need from our favorite sweat-perts. 

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riley versa - sweaty stuff bag ($50.00)

satc partnered with riley versa to create the perfect pouch! a luxurious navy velvet pouch with "sweaty stuff" embroidered across the front. perfect to slip all your post gym or beach essentials in and guess what?! they just restocked in a new style! 

ice roller - blankbox gift guide the fill

esarora - ice roller ($11.99)

historically we've been fans of jade rollers, but after the SATC ladies told us about this ice roller we were quick to convert. it doubles the coolness of a jade roller and covers more ground. highly suggest for sunburns and sushi sodium hangovers. 

supergoop mineral matte sunscreen - blankbox gift guide the fill

supergoop - matte sunscreen ( $18.00 -$38.00)

daily spf is the most underrated anti-aging trick in the book and the satc babes have beautiful skin. supergoop is non-greasy and blends perfectly into your skin. catherine uses their every single day moisturizer with 40 SPF… yup, every single day.   

slip silk mask - blankbox gift guide the fill

slip silk - pure silk sleep mask ($50.00)

if you peep our instagram you’ll also realize we are huge fans of this product as well. the slip sleep eye mask is a sure-safe way to reduce wrinkles while you sleep (any other face down sleepers reading this?).

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shhhower cap the whim - blankbox gift guide

wine is my valentine gift guide

valentine's day gift guide: the 'wine is my valentine' gift box

if you’re like us, you’ve had many different types of valentine nights: candlelit dinners at tables dressed in white linens, cracking open a cookbook and cooking in pajamas with a long term partner, and last but certainly not least, stretching out on the couch alone in fuzzy socks binge watching romcoms clutching a bottle of wine for dear life (turns out large cheese pizzas were not just for kevin mcallister, right?) 

how ever you’re spending valentine’s day this year, remember to participate in the tradition of completely forgetting a holiday’s history and commercializing the sh*t out of it! in other words, valentine’s day gifts are always necessary, whether it’s for you, your lover, or your galentine. p.s. our gift guide is extra sweet because all gifts included are from female founded brands(!) p.p.s – self-gifting encouraged. 

shhhower cap the whim - blankbox gift guide

shhhowercap - the whim ($43.00)

what's better than valentine's day flowers? this floral, not-so-ordinary shower cap that lets you soak in the bath without frizzing your ‘day two’ hair.

otherland rattan candle - blankbox gift guide

otherland candle - rattan ($36.00)

sandalwood, amber and moss, oh my! these expertly designed candles will light up any room (oh, the old candle pun). its 55-hour burn time should last you through a long bath + some of ryan reynolds' greatest hits.

palermo body product - blankbox gift guide

palermo body - soothing milk bath ($32.00)

like a bath bomb, but better. soak in a silky milk bath and moisturize dry skin with healing extracts made from oatmeal, honeysuckle and chamomile.

lively seamless deep v bralette - blankbox gift guide

lively - seamless deep v bralette ($35.00)

the perfect cross between going braless and not scaring the pizza delivery man: a bralette that you'll actually want to lounge in. no need for lace lingerie here.

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