team blankbox: our first [full] year in business!

it’s 2020 it’s been a wild ride of a year full of ups, downs + a whole lot of sideways – and we’re here to tell the story! for our first ‘the fill’ of the new roaring ’20s, we’re interviewing – you guessed it – ourselves! we’re getting candid on this past year + what we’ve learned along the way with tangible takeaways.

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byrobynblair candy art female founder feature blankbox

female founder feature: robyn blair davidson of byrobynblair

robyn blair davidson started @byrobynblair to bring a little extra joy into your home [and life]. between wall art, candy dishes, phone cases + jewelry boxes, her colorful custom gifts satisfy our sweetest desires + make all our nostalgic candy dreams come true . grab your favorite candy and read robyn’s story in ‘the fill’ here!

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female founder feature: kristen tomlan of cookie do

kristen tomlan, founder + ceo of do, is making our childhood cookie dough dreams come true. she’s making edible cookie dough that’s safe to eat, accessible…and a sweet indulgence whether you’re 8 or 28 (guilty!) read the fill to learn how she started + what’s happened since. in the words of kristen…”let’s dough this!”

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female founder feature: neha govindraj, co-founder + coo, glowbar

co-founder + coo neha govindraj is making glowbar the new secret weapon for your skincare: a cross between a spa and a dermatologist, they use clinical products and science-proven techniques to keep you glowing….and going. everything is under 30 minutes, meaning you can get in, get out, and get on with your day. read co-founder + coo neha’s story here!

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